(Tucson in Cherry Tawny) 

The warm elegance of Cherry darkens considerably as it ages. Cherry’s fine grain often exhibits swirls and a flowing, random pattern. Its color varies from nearly white to dark reddish brown.


(Lansing in Hickory Flagstone)

Hickory displays vibrant grain patterns and wide variation in color. Lighter stains make this feature most evident, while darker stains tend to mute it. 


(Aireal in Maple Cashew)

The fine, uniform grain pattern of Maple tends toward lighter colorations. Like all woods, it will darken with age, but to a lesser degree than Cherry. Maple takes on a subtle mottled appearance when finished in darker stains.

Paint Grade

(Boardwalk in Paint Grade Light Mocha)

Paint Grade doors and five-piece drawer headers have a solid, fine-grain hardwood frame. Center panels and slab headers are made of HDM, an engineered wood ideal for paint application due to its superior stability compared to solid hardwood.


(Hillcrest in Red Oak Natural)

A time-honored favorite with prominent, distinctive grain character, Red Oak may show tiny rays and flowing patterns. It tends toward warm tones and is very hard with a high shock resistance.


(Concordia in Walnut Natural)

Walnut has a variable grain, ranging from straight to highly-figured, and color, ranging from tan to dark brown to purplish-gray heartwood, and creamy white to blonde sapwood. A darker stain is recommended when less color variation is desired.

QS White Oak

(Cheshire in Quartersawn White Oak Montana)

The quartersawing method yields material with distinctive grain and superior stability. Quartersawn White Oak is also very receptive to glazing, highlighting its unique grain. We use genuine Quartersawn White Oak for face frames, end panels, and coordinating elements like moldings on all Quartersawn cabinetry orders.

Rustic Alder

(Sierra shown in Rustic Alder Cashew)

Create an environment of authentic warmth and homey charm with Rustic Alder. Featuring Cherry-like grain, Rustic Alder displays visible knots, mineral streaks, and color variation in the door frames and solid center panels.

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