Limited Lifetime Warranty

Inspira Cabinetry (“Inspira”) provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original owners of the installed residential cabinetry (the “Product”) and warrants its Product to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal residential use for as long as the Product is owned by the original residential purchaser in the Product’s originally installed residential location.

This warranty applies only when the Product is purchased through an authorized Inspira dealer, is not applicable to rental properties and is not transferable to subsequent owners.

Our obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of any Products that prove defective as determined by our review and inspection. This warranty is limited to replacement or repair of defective parts or materials only. Labor charges or damage related to installation, removal, repair or exchange, as well as any incidental and consequential damages, are excluded.

Inspira reserves the right to change design specifications and materials without obligation to make similar changes to products previously manufactured. If a warranty claim is filed for a product that is no longer manufactured by Inspira, Inspira reserves the right to fulfill the warranty obligation by substituting discontinued product with the most similar styling, wood species, and color available at the time a claim is submitted; claim remedy may include replacing other Inspira components installed in the residential application necessary to achieve a uniform appearance and a similar style to that originally purchased.

Whether replacing current or retired product, we cannot guarantee an exact match of replacement parts due to the natural aging process that occurs in products currently installed.


This Limited Lifetime Warranty is void and does not cover Product if it is:

  • misused or used for a purpose not intended or designed by us
  • mishandled or subjected to abuse, vandalism, negligence or accident
  • improperly stored before installation: product must be covered prior to installation and kept in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity out of direct sunlight at all times
  • improperly installed or modified: Product must not be installed outdoors, or reconfigured by the installer
  • subjected to extreme temperatures or extreme moisture levels after installation: Product must be kept at all times in a space within controlled ranges of 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit and 30-55% humidity.


  • damage caused by acts of God, fire, flood, or other influences outside of our control
  • damage caused by normal wear and tear. Examples include, but are not limited to, damage resulting from moisture around sinks and/or moisture from hands transferred to cabinetry without wiping away; impact-caused nicks or chips in finish (paint or stain); toe kick damage caused by excessive moisture allowed to remain after cleaning floors; finish damage caused by spills, splatters etc. on trash units
  • finishes that are exposed for prolonged periods of time to tobacco smoke and/or other smoke sources
  • cabinetry purchased unfinished
  • items discontinued by Inspira or our vendors


Some Products purchased through but not made by Inspira, which are limited in warranty by the maker of the Product, will follow the warranty provided by the Product’s manufacturer. Products with such limited warranty include:

  • Vent hoods and blowers (5 years on parts, with the exception of the
    LBGG24.250 & LBGG30.250 units, which is 1 year)
  • Internal hardware kits, such as waste baskets and pullouts (1 year)
  • Gothic mullion doors (No warranty)
  • Foil-wrapped and High Gloss doors and drawer fronts (5 years)
  • 3-piece and 5-piece Textured doors and drawer fronts (5 years)
  • Wood veneer slab doors and drawer fronts (5 years)

The following changes and characteristics are considered natural and normal and are excluded from the Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Wood and finish coloration: There is no prevention for the process of wood darkening or mellowing with age. The natural darkening and mellowing that normally occurs, or the yellowing of finish resulting from exposure to sunlight and/or other environmental conditions should be accepted as part of the natural aging process.

Natural (unfinished) wood: Characteristics inherent to the wood species, such as knots, pinholes, graining, or sapwood defined as acceptable within our wood purchase specifications or the differences in stain coloring that occurs between veneered plywood components and solid hardwood components.

Rustic species: Rustic species will display visible knots, pinholes, mineral streaks, sapwood and other rustic characteristics, and will have color variation between veneered plywood components and solid hardwood components; more specifically (but not limited to) the door frame and center panel. All of these characteristics are acceptable within our wood purchase specifications. The size, number and location of these characteristics will naturally vary from piece to piece (some product will not have any characteristics). Horizontal glue lines will be visible on 1/4” flat-panel rustic door styles. Inspira recommends solid panel door styles and the viewing of several samples to become familiar with the wide variation that will be present in a rustic cabinet order.

Inspira will NOT warranty the following:
-The customer does not like the appearance of the knot (shape, color, size, texture, etc.)
-The knot interferes with hardware placement
-The item in question is lacking knots or characteristics
-The knot is soft or spongy
-Tear out/rough edges

Natural finish: Cabinets produced with Natural finish will have clear sealer and top coat applied, but no base coat color of stain; this allows you to clearly see the natural variations in the wood. All woods have many color characteristics, grain patterns, and certain markings that are innate in each species, and a Natural finish allows them to show more than a stained or painted finish does. Such variations should not be thought of as defects or imperfections and are not covered by the Inspira warranty; for less variation, order a door style with a solid center panel.

Standard stains: Wood has inherent variations in color, grain, and natural markings like mineral streaking. These variations will be more apparent in lighter stains. The most variation will be visible in the Natural finish (see above). Also note that the application of a glaze can tint the base stain, resulting in a different appearance from the base stain alone. For less variation, order a door style with a solid center panel.

Character stains: The appeal of character stains is their ability to provide a rich, somewhat translucent look that accentuates characteristics that occur naturally in wood. This includes (but is not limited to) grain patterns, certain markings and knots. Wood density will also cause stain color variations, sometimes even giving the wood a completely different hue, that will be more obvious in a character stain. All of these elements are considered normal and will not be covered under warranty.

Making final selections based on a full-size door sample, in desired wood specie, is necessary when considering a character stain.

Paints: Paint is a coating that is not absorbed into the wood; nicks, chips and scratches on painted product are considered normal wear and tear and are not covered under warranty.

  • Red oak paints are produced with a different process that is intended to enhance grain and give a slightly weathered impression. No putty is used on face joints or end grain. Because of this special process, red oak paints are not available in beaded-panel or applied-molding door styles.
  • Joinery: You can expect to see some joinery lines in all painted cabinetry. One common place for joinery to be visible is where the stile and rail meet on a cabinet door, drawer header or frame. This is a natural characteristic of the finish process, and not considered a flaw, therefore not covered under our warranty.
  • Paint grade doors use HDM for the center panel which minimizes expansion and contraction, but joint lines may still appear because paint grade doors have natural wood frames that will expand and contract more than the HDM center panel.
  • HDM door styles are the most dimensionally stable. They are the best choice for painted cabinetry in coastal regions, or other areas of high humidity, but may still show joint lines over time.

Moisture/humidity: Minor dimensional changes due to the wood’s hygroscopic nature. Because wood constantly absorbs and releases moisture with the environment it will shrink or swell to varying degrees depending on the species; this may result in visible lines around door center panels if not properly controlled that will come and go with seasonal changes in humidity. It may also result in door warpage up to 1/16” per foot which must be allowed to re-acclimate for a full twelve months over the course of changes in seasons.

  • Mitered joints may tend to open and close with changes of season or humidity levels. Open joints are not a sign of joint failure and no warranty applies. We DO warrant against joint failure such as complete weakening or joint breakage.
  • Painted finishes may reveal joinery lines due to natural dimensional changes.

KAAT and slab doors: Inspira outsources select door styles, which are ordered as “Kitchen at a Time” (KAAT) and are not produced in our door plant. As most of our KAAT doors are veneered slab doors, they may show stain differently than some of our other non-KAAT door styles, especially if a Character stain is chosen; for this reason, if a KAAT door style is chosen, you must sell the job off of a KAAT door sample or it will not be covered under our warranty.

Veneered flat center panel doors: Door styles that use a 1/4” veneered flat center panel will display a degree of finish color variation from the solid-wood frame. This variation is considered normal and can occur in all finishes, including Natural.

Because wood is a natural substance, many factors can cause different parts of the wood to accept finish differently. These factors are out of our control, and for this reason, finish variations on flat panel doors are not covered under the Inspira warranty. For less variation, order a door style with a solid center panel. Any five-piece header (FPH) that is less than 7” high will have 1/4” thick hardwood plywood center panel, and as such will display a degree of stain color variation.

Hand application: Inspira specialty finishes are the result of hand crafting. As such, variation is to be expected, and is in fact considered an attribute. This includes glazed finishes with stain or paint, any of the Vintage processes or distressed offerings, and different components of the Weathered process. Such variations are not covered by the Inspira warranty.

Unfinished: Unfinished orders are supplied without any stain, sealer or topcoat. Inspira cannot warranty finishes that are applied by the customer.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover costs associated with shipping or transportation of replacements, the cost of installation, removal, or subsequent damage or transportation of the defective product, regardless of who performs the work.

These warranties are the exclusive warranties of Inspira and are in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular use. In no event shall Inspira be liable for incidental or consequential damages,
special damages, exemplary damages, lost profits and revenues, loss of use of the product, bodily injury, and property damage, all whether based on contract, tort, strict liability, or any other legal basis or theory. In no event will Inspira’s liability with respect to the warranty obligations exceed the purchase price for the defective product.

To obtain performance under this Limited Lifetime Warranty, the end consumer must contact the authorized Inspira dealer where the Product was originally purchased and allow sufficient time and opportunity to inspect the Product, evaluate the claim and respond. A dated receipt as proof of purchase is required to obtain benefits from this warranty. If the authorized Inspira dealer is unable to respond to your claim, contact Inspira Cabinetry. All decisions regarding the existence of manufacturing defects or affecting this warranty shall be made by Inspira in its discretion and shall be final and binding on the parties. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is governed by the laws of the State of South Dakota. All disputes arising from this limited warranty will be venued in the state or federal courts sitting in South Dakota.