Cabinet Construction:

Inspira Cabinetry is crafted with various styles and budgets in mind. We’re determined to provide each customer with a reliable and quality product that not only fits their lifestyle, design, and budget, but also is a product they’re able to enjoy for years to come. 

We’ve elevated the most important features of the cabinet and made them standard:

  • For increased storage capacity and convenience we offer wall cabinets at 13” deep and base cabinets with a 5 1/2” top drawer opening. 
  • For added strength, our drawers are 5/8” solid hardwood with wood dovetail construction, and our our cabinet box is constructed using 1/2” plywood sides.
  • For added ease of access the glides and hinges we use are the industry best Blum brand; these soft-close full-extension glides and 6-way adjustable hinges are rugged enough for decades of daily use.

Door Construction

We take pride in our efforts to build cabinet doors that make a statement in your home. Our collection of door styles consists of three construction methods:


Cope and Stick door construction is currently the most popular style built from five door parts. A frame of two stiles and two rails is built around a center panel.

Stiles and rails are joined together with a mortise (groove in the stile) and tenon (tongue in the rail) joint.



Mitered doors are also constructed with five parts, but the stile and rail ends are cut at a 45-degree angle so they fit together to create the 90-degree frame.

Miter joint construction is similar to Cope and Stick in that the frame parts are secured through the use of a hidden mortise and tenon.


Slab doors are a single piece with no frame, rather than built with a frame and center panel.

Our slab doors are made with a wood-specific laminated and edge-banded MDF core.